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NP Accel is a Neil Patel Agency that takes pride in providing the best SEO services to small and medium businesses in many different markets:

Big Island Coffee

Increased Organic
Impressions by 178%

A.M.E. Ultrasounds

Traffic Increased by 709%
in 4 Months

Doc Dean Pools

From Virtually Nothing to
the Top of Google

Big Sky Rentals

Increased Organic
Impressions by 45,900%
in Less than 6 Months

Amazing Solutions

Increased Revenue from
Homepage Traffic by 172%
in Less than 2 Months

American AED

CPR Association
Boosted Organic Traffic
Impressions by Over 776%
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Cashmere Hair Extensions

Had Most Profitable
Black Friday
and Cyber Monday


Increased Organic Visits
from 200 a Month
to 6,600 a Month

Even though... receives over 6 milion visitors per month in traffic;

I am considered by Forbes to be one of the top 10 marketing professionals in the world;

I was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama;

I am a New York Times best-selling author...

There was a time I was picking up trash in an amusement park. In order to change my life, I started an online business and borrowed money from my family to pay a digital marketing agency. It backfired. They SUCKED and I lost all of my money.

That was when I started learning everything I could about digital marketing and SEO. 1.4 billion visitors later, I still haven't stopped looking for better ways to help small and midsize businesses grow.

But you don’t have to take my word for it… see for yourself what small businesses like yours have to say about me and my agency below.

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Don't trust my word for it...

See for yourself what small businesses like yours have to say about me and my agency:

I am so glad that I hired NPA for SEO on my site. In just a short time, it's already made a difference. Also, the team is very honorable - when I was too busy for a month to hold up my part of what needed to be done, they went out of their way to create useful off page content for me.
I highly recommend NPA to anyone whose website is important to their business.

Andrea Butter,


Working with NPAccel has been a phenomenal experience in helping me achieve my goals for SEO. I've have the privilege of working with Curtis who is awesome!! He has helped and guided me step by step from narrowing down the best keywords for my industry, creating the most efficient plan to increase my ranking as quickly as possible, and providing amazing advice. In less than 3 months, Curtis and his team got me ranked 1st page on Google with all my keywords allowing us to expand and start working more ranking.
Working with NPAccel, Curtis, and his team is a must for any small business.
Thank you guys!!!

Anthony Civitello,

Hardwood Floors Depot

Every sale starts with qualified traffic.

But in order to get it, you need SEO that works.

Anyone can claim to be the best, the most transparent, the most honest and upstanding.

At NP Accel, we believe we should show you results instead of telling you about them.

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NP Accel is an agency focused on small and medium sized businesses. A lot of people assume our services will be over their budget because it is after all a Neil Patel agency and that means Neil Patel quality standards. However, Neil’s greatest passion is helping small businesses. Our price will always be reasonable and by talking to you we will find the best way to accomodate your needs.
There is no magic in SEO. It is a long term results-based strategy. Long term varying from 6 months to a year usually. We have a lot of clients that have seen amazing results within just a few months though, but keep in mind this can vary from business to business. But don’t worry, we will give you a personalized detailed timeline of every step of your project. You will also be able to keep track of everything through a Dashboard.
You will have a personalized Dashboard which is automatically updated with your project’s tasks and results.
Any company who has a website can benefit greatly from SEO. It is the best strategy to attract qualified traffic to your website because ranking your pages higher on Google translates to capturing more of the right people who are searching for your solution. By making your company more visible to your potential customers, you attract sales to your business.
We value honesty, transparency and respect above anything else. With that said, being a Neil Patel agency, we implement strategies that have already been extensively tested and have been confirmed to work. We are 100% results and data driven and have a culture of jumping straight to action. Only at NP Accel do you get the most qualified people trained by Neil himself to provide services to small businesses and who truly care about your success.

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