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NP Accel is a Neil Patel Agency that takes pride in providing the best paid advertising services to small and medium businesses in many different markets:

No advertising means missing great money-making opportunities.

Poor advertising means wasting money.

And even if your campaigns are doing well, there is always room for growth. So, count on professionals who really understand the subject.

At NP Accel, we combine technical skills with experience to build smart, highly targeted and optimized campaigns to get the best return on your advertising investment.

Our paid media services are directed at small to medium businesses and can provide everything you need to drive the right people to your website – the kind that really turn into customers.

Only at NP Accel you will find:

Neil Patel Certified Specialists

Data based confirmed strategies we have tested extensively

Data based confirmed strategies we have tested extensively

It's all about finding the paid advertising strategies that best align with your audiences, and implement it the most optimal way.

We are experts in doing that and know that the key to positive results from a paid ad campaign is originality and quality – so we settle for nothing less.

Reach your audience quickly, and make sure your ads are seen by your potential clients.

It's not just about running the campaigns, but also the intelligence behind analysing and continuously optimizing them.

We are cautious about how to use your budget in the most responsible way to get a fast and predictable return on your investment — And you will always know what's going on.

Even though...

  • receives over 6 million visitors per month in traffic;
  • I am considered by Forbes to be one of the top 10 marketing professionals in the world;
  • I was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama;
  • I am a New York Times best-selling author…

There was a time I was picking up trash in an amusement park. In order to change my life, I started an online business and borrowed money from my family to pay a digital marketing agency, but this backfired. They SUCKED and I lost all of my money.

That was when I started learning everything I could about marketing and found SEO to be the best strategy to thrive online.

Since then, I never stopped sharing my knowledge through my blog and I found a way to help small businesses through my agency of great marketers which I trained personally.

But you don’t have to trust my word for it… see for yourself what small businesses like yours have to say about me and my agency below.


See for yourself the results we brought for companies just like yours:

We have seen a 20% increase in our monthly traffic every month for the past 4 months. Our website quality and health has also improved to Google’s standards. The ads are constantly being refined and are doing better month by month and are increasing by 18% more conversions every month. I highly recommend NP Accel if you need to grow traffic and increase rankings on Google.”

Tony Nguyen

Owner of Dynasty Mattress.

We’re a relatively small ecommerce business and have worked with various consultants over the years. Frankly, the NPAccel team is the first group that’s ever felt like a real partner. Their plan definitely directs our efforts but they’re always open to our suggestions and quick to respond whenever we call to run ideas by them. There’s no magic bullet, but they’re helping us make consistent, measurable improvements. We’re very satisfied.

Kate Vozoff

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NP Accel is an agency focused on small and medium sized businesses. A lot of people assume our services will be over their budget because it is after all a Neil Patel agency and that translates to a Neil Patel quality standards. However, Neil’s greatest passion is helping small businesses. Our price will always be reasonable and by talking to you we will find the best way to accomodate your needs.

Paid advertising is a strategy focused on short and medium-term results. With well-structured ads and strategies, you can get visitors to your website in hours, not months. In addition to the high potential for conversions in a short period of time, paid advertising strategies are highly scalable and flexible, which will help you grow your business.

You will have a personalized Dashboard which is automatically updated with your project’s tasks and results.
Any company can benefit greatly from Paid Advertising. It is the best strategy to attract a lot of traffic to your website in a short time. With paid ads, you make sure you are being seen by people who are ready to buy.
We value honesty, transparency and respect above anything else. With that said, being a Neil Patel agency, we implement strategies that have already been extensively tested and have been confirmed to work. We are 100% results and data driven and have a culture of jumping straight to action. Only at NP Accel do you get the most qualified people trained by Neil himself to provide services to small businesses and who truly care about your success.

When it comes to paid advertising, optimized ads means you are making the most of your money.

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