How SEO boosted organic impressions & traffic for You’re On Deck over a 12 month period.

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You’re On Deck


Increase in Organic Users
Year Over Year


Increase in Organic Transactions
Year Over Year


Keyword Increase
June 2021 vs June 2022

The company

You’re On Deck is a family run company that specializes in custom board games that make memories. 

From card decks to poker chips, and board games, we’re always upping our game and finding new ways to make every game you play more memorable, more fun, and more yours

The challenge

Lack of organic traffic and low Google positions.”

Sacks Family

You’re On Deck

The results

NPA increased organic traffic and improved our Google position.

Sacks Family

You’re On Deck


Lifetime of Our Campaign: 12 Months Over 12 Months 

12 Month View within Google Search Console 

What we did to achieve the goals

We employed keyword research connected to content, onsite optimizations and backlinks for a traditional three prong SEO campaign strategy to boost impressions, keywords, and traffic. These deliverables worked together, creating the full scope of work that helped You’re On Deck see results. 

Lessons learned

We focused on our main product lines of cards and board games. We saw success with our impressions, keyword rankings and individual transactions with our first year. This next year we are focusing on wholesale accounts. 

“It [our work with NPA] led to more sales  and higher average transaction size. We would highly recommend NPA.”

Sacks Family

You’re On Deck

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