How SEO boosted organic traffic by over 2000% in a year.

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Hannah Lu

Marketing at Waterdrop

+ 4,815%

Increase in Organic Impressions

+ 2,231%

Increase in Organic Traffic


Ranking Keywords in 12 months

The company

Water quality has become a greater focal point of public health in the U.S. since the water crisis in Flint, MI took over the news headlines. Waterdrop was founded in 2015 with the wish to provide trustworthy water purification solutions to solve such problems. We are dedicated to providing people around the world with high quality products to truly purify their drinking water. The name Waterdrop comes from the desire to deliver clean, safe, and healthy drinking water from the first sip to the last satisfying drop.

In addition to the continuous innovation and passion for perfection, Waterdrop is dedicated to creating shared value and a positive impact on the whole society. We source raw materials in accordance with the highest industry standards. A team of experts vet each piece of material, ensuring it meets those standards by researching ingredients, auditing sourcing practices, and testing products. Almost all of Waterdrop’s products have passed certifications and tests, such as NSF, CSA, WQA, UPC, WARS, UL certification, and FCC test. The belief of sustainability throughout all operations is part of Waterdrop’s DNA.”

– Hannah Lu, Marketing at Waterdrop


The challenge

We had a new website that needed more organic traffic. Our sales were nearly 70 – 80% on Amazon. We needed more traffic and sales coming to the website, so we went looking for some help.

We also wanted to rank for more than just branded search terms. Our rankings and keywords were only branded with no non-branded keywords ranking.

The results

Our web traffic is up 2000% and we now rank for tons of keywords, not just branded ones! They also gave us some great tips and consulted with our team to help our paid ads as well. Overall they understand our goals and knew how to help us accomplish them.

“Sales online have grown, website traffic is WAY up and we have been able to invest more in our charitable foundations. Our team is busy implementing and following NP’s instructions.” – Hannah Lu

What we did to achieve the goals

We worked with Waterdrop to optimize and check their content for quality. We helped by consulting on best practices and helping to improve the user experience with CRO audits and testing. NPA helped to build backlinks to the site to help improve relevancy and give them authority for non-branded terms.

Lessons learned

We learned that the user experience plays a huge role in keyword ranking. If we were not working to improve bounce rate and our content, our efforts would not have been as influential and we wouldn’t have achieved the type of results we saw.

NPA does what they promise, they will help you accomplish your goals and sincerely help and care about your company. We are very pleased with the results from our collaboration and can’t wait to continue to see how they can help us grow further.”

– Hannah Lu, Marketing at Waterdrop


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