University Learning Systems’s Organic Impressions Increase by 1,487%!

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With Charlene Celano

President of
University Learning Systems

+ 1,487%

increase in organic impressions

+ 1,236%

increase in organic traffic


ranking keywords in 1 year

The company

University Learning Systems is  run by 3 accomplished individuals. We started the company in an effort to provide quality CE, CME, CEU for medical professionals of all fields. Our  CE/CME courses are taught by highly experienced and acclaimed educators from a variety of medical, PA and pharmacy schools. Not only are they experts in their fields,, but excellent teachers, as well, with a track record of making CE/CME content easy to understand and put into practice. We aim to maintain high  standards of learning by having a small student-to-faculty ratio. 

Our customers tell us that we provide “The Best Continuing Medical Education they have ever attended”.

The challenge

Sales fell off a cliff and we were spending too much money on Google and Facebook Ads. We needed a way to bring in traffic, without spending a fortune.

Our website was also not ranking for relevant terms that would help us improve conversions. Everything we ranked for was not as applicable or had low search volume.

The results

Our sales are now improving at 10% a month per year compared to last year. That means for the year, sales have improved by nearly 120%. Our organic impressions saw an increase of over 1400% and organic traffic is up 1200% which is growth that I never even imagined.

“Our sales are are now improving at 10% a month per year compared to last year. That means for the year, sales have improved by nearly 120%. This is all due to the SEO efforts we had with NPA. We have them to thank for all this growth.

The strategies

We provided onsite optimizations and backlinks to help focus their keywords and fix existing SEO issues onsite. We worked to first build a solid foundation and fix technical issues, optimize, then add links as the final push to drive our work.

Lessons learned

We learned that onsite optimizations are key to help Google understand the purpose of our pages and help us rank for specific key terms. We learned that the links work best as the “cherry on top of the sundae” to give our work one final push.

Neil Patel is the first firm we have worked with that delivers what they promise. We have been overjoyed with the assistance and help we have received.”

– Charlene Celano, President of University Learning Systems

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