How PPC has taken them from 35 leads a month to 73 in 6 months.

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Anthony Nestel

Director of Digital Strategy at The Shelf


Increase in Leads


Decrease in CPA


Increase in Conversion Rate

The company

The Shelf is a rapidly growing Influencer Marketing startup founded by Atul and Lauren 10 years ago. They are an influencer marketing agency that develops next level strategies and creatives to connect brands to their customers in an authentic way.

They currently have a team of 30 people, working with hundreds of the world’s largest brands. The Shelf is one of the pioneers of Data-Driven Influencer Marketing and is one of America’s fastest growing companies according to this year’s Inc 5000.

The challenge

As a growing company, we needed to increase the number of marketing qualified demo sign ups generated from Google Ads for mid to large size companies, while avoiding sign ups from actual influencers.

We knew that a strong PPC strategy would help us increase demo sign ups which would in turn help us reach our business goals and better develop our sales funnel.

The results

We’ve seen incredible growth in conversions as well as businesses signing up as a result of our paid campaigns. We’ve been able to surpass our competitors in many verticals.

We’ve been able to double the number of qualified leads we’re getting from our paid campaigns while also considerably decreasing the cost per acquisition.

NPAccel has provided us with a strong framework of ads, ad copy, and keyword targeting strategies to get in front of the eyes of our potential customers.” says Anthony.

*Data comparison between Nov 15th – Dec 15th, 2020 vs. July 1st – July 31st, 2021

“NPAccel has helped us not only increase the number of qualifying leads we’re getting every month, but also build up our sales funnel. We are very pleased with the results we’ve gotten from our paid campaigns since partnering with NPAccel. – Anthony Nestel

What we did to achieve the goals

First, we tightened up conversion tracking to ensure we would be able to optimize towards the correct goals. Next, we created comprehensive middle and bottom funnel strategies and worked consistently to optimize campaigns.

We heavily audited the client’s account to refine keywords and queries that had the potential to increase qualified traffic generated from paid ads based on client feedback & insights gained from campaign data.

Lessons learned

We learned that when it comes to this industry, relying on increasing just the percentage of qualified traffic isn’t the only factor to success. Although the qualifying percentage of leads remained relatively the same, we delivered a higher conversion volume, which resulted in a higher number of total qualified leads (50% qualifier rate of 70 leads is greater than a 50% qualifier rate of 40 leads).

NPAccel has been a great partner in that they work with you to go over issues you may be having. They don’t have a one size fits all model, but will rather collaborate to ensure that you are getting the messaging and strategy you are looking for.”

– Anthony Nestel – Director of Digital Strategy at The Shelf


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