How SEO helped a private jet charter service site recover from algorithm updates

Joel Thomas, CEO

Stratos Jet Charters


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The company

Stratos Jets has been in business since 2006, and in the last 16 years they’ve managed to be able to thrive and build a growing company with the best tech platform in the industry. Early on Stratos applied strong SEO strategy to their website which has helped them dominate the search even through the economic and financial collapse.

For more than a decade, Stratos Jet Charters has been delivering consistently outstanding on-demand jet charter service across the United States and around the world. Our unmatched safety standards, aircraft expertise and our commitment to exceptional service have made us the jet charter broker of choice for some of North America’s most discerning travelers.

The challenge

We were hit hard from an algorithm update, and we had 4 different companies managing our SEO.

Neil Patel is the best in the industry so we decided to shift all of our resources, consolidate everything and and move to Neil Patel to manage all our marketing

The results

The benefit of working with Neil Patel is that they knew about the algorithm updates in advance and monitored my site closely. Neil Patel understood the update and the impact on our site, so they told us what we need to do, and we had a three month head start on that game plan to implement and be prepared for this update.

“It’s been a boon for us because we were ahead, and we’ve watched a lot of our competitors fail and get hit hard by the update. We’re definitely in the top four most visible company in the world for what we do.” says Joel.

“If I stayed with my other companies and wanted this pace and quality of work they wouldn’t have had the bandwidth to do it. It seems to me that Neil Patel has been able to meet whatever objectives I have.” – Joel Thomas

What we did to achieve the goals

The NPA team was aware of several things; what the competitors were doing, what algorithm updates were running, and what our strategy was going to do for the client. We monitored algorithm updates closely and helped the client rebound quickly.

Lessons learned

The data is imperative to achieving SEO goals, upon looking at the site in depth, we discovered that even though we were hit by an algorithm update, the pages we had not updated were actually improving even if others were not. We learned that content refresh, and updating our content with helpful information helped protect us from the algorithm updates.

“Our account manager Rachel, is a hard worker, she’s also very reliable and when she says she is going to do something, she does it. She’s been a really valuable asset to us. I have a good understanding of SEO, but the entire team has been able to meet whatever objectives I have.
Whenever I have an idea or a marketing goal, and I want to know how Stratos can do it better than a competitor, Sam and Rachel are a great team, they jump on it and make it happen!”

– Joel Thomas, CEO
Stratos Jet Charters


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