Speedir’s Organic Visits Increase from 200 a Month to 6,600 a Month!

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With Erman Oz

President of Speedir

+ 13,887%

increase in organic impressions

+ 1,361%

increase in organic traffic


ranking keywords in 8 months

The company

At Speedir, we strive to provide top-of-the-line infrared imaging solutions through our state-of-the-art thermal cameras. From automotive electronics to fleet safety services, our products offer uncompromised visibility across a diversity of active environments. This technology affords you a wide range of camera applications, from driving safety to search and rescue and emergency vehicles. In addition, Speedir offers client-specific infrared solutions through customizable thermal imaging and artificial intelligence options.

Our extensive research and development experience gives us the upper hand in producing high quality, specially crafted products.

  • 18+ years of research and development.
  • Independent study and manufacture of product’s core components.
  • Integration of Optical-Mechanical-Electrical engineering and industrial design.
  • Total development of proprietary tech from base components to overall system.

The challenge

We discovered there was a need for marketing our product, and had learned some on our own, but needed an expert to help guide our strategy and focus our efforts.

With a new site and many known competitors we sought help for optimizing and correcting issues on site just to compete with others out there.

The results

Our organic search traffic has gone up 1000% and our impressions have grown by 13,000% since starting to work with Neil Patel Accel. Also, in only 8 months we have 430 keywords currently ranking on the first page of Google SERP. Before we started with Neil Patel’s team, we only had our brand name ranking on the first page of a Google SERP.

Our organic search traffic has gone up 1,361% since starting to work with Neil Patel Accel. Also, in only 4.5 months over 65% of our selected key words are now ranking on page one.”

– Erman

“…They put together a strategy that worked and helped us improve organic visits from 200 users a month to 2000 users a month.

The strategies

We provided onsite optimizations, content refreshes, and backlinks to help focus their keywords and fix existing SEO issues onsite. Our content refreshes helped to create engaging and well optimized content and our links helped to establish authority and drive our main keywords.

Lessons learned

We learned that building a solid foundation of fixing issues and optimizing pages is the best way to create a successful campaign. After establishing a solid foundation, we updated content and built links to help assert our authority. We found that it took a few months to see the results, but taking the time to put in the effort paid off in the end.

Neil’s team is experienced with helping and guiding you to a successful campaign. They want you to succeed and will do their best to help you be successful. They build strategies that get results.”

– Erman Oz, President of Speedir

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