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Content Refreshes Captured 210% More Traffic for San Antonio Home Buyer

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With Nick Disney

Owner of Sell My San Antonio House

+ 210.78%

Increase in traffic to site

+ 18

Blogs refreshed

The company

Sell My San Antonio House is a small Texas business that provides win-win real estate solutions for homeowners looking to sell difficult properties. As Nick Disney, the owner of Sell My San Antonio House once said,

We take a lot of pride in always being upfront and honest with our clients and we work hard to find them solutions to their problems.”

Here at NPAccel, we’ve had the pleasure of working with them over the past five months to help them boost their SERP ratings with powerful SEO strategies that have since driven up their online leads and conversions.

The challenge

Seasonal challenges make selling homes in San Antonio less popular during the winter, which in turn, had a negative impact on Nick’s business, drying up leads and slowing down sales. He came to NPAccel with the hopes of driving up leads and productivity throughout the entire business year.

The results

As we worked with Nick, we incorporated uniquely tailored SEO strategies developed by Neil Patel himself to drive more traffic and new clientele to Nick’s website. This resulted in significant growth of his organic traffic, which meant more “top-of-the-funnel” clientele, customers who had the potential to become involved with his services as a home buyer. These new customers have since provided more of the leads Nick has needed to drive up the profitability of his company all year long.

It has meant more incoming leads with potential clients for our business. As this number begins to grow, it turns into increased revenue for our company.”

“…We believe that we are on the right path and will continue to increase our rankings,” recalls Nick.

Lessons learned

While rankings are important, the approach can be done in a variety of ways. We decided to go with the organic traffic increases that Nick was looking for and found that by making these strategic edits and adjustments to his blog, they’ve nearly tripled their traffic compared to last year!

…in our short time with Neil Patel Accel we have seen the results that we hoped for, and believe that we are on the way to accomplishing our initial goals. We have had excellent communication from our account manager Jake and that at this point we plan to continue to work with Neil Patel Accel because we believe that we are on the right path and will continue to increase our rankings.”

– Nick Disney, Owner of Sell My San Antonio House

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