How SEO boosted impressions & traffic for Redding Spray over a 5-month period.

Jonathan Palmer

Redding Spray


Increase in Organic Impressions


Increase in Organic Traffic


Keywords during 12-month period

The company

“We are a family owned Pest Control, Lawn Care, and Weed Control company for over 40 years, that focuses on the individual customers, providing solutions to complex problems, and we give our employees the freedom and resources to perform their jobs at will. We have always incorporated our faith in Jesus and acknowledged his guidance in our company’s success.”

The challenge

Our company has had a long history in the pest control, but we were lacking an online presence, that would help new customers find us in a new digital marketplace.

The results

“Neil Patel was strategic and helpful in creating a strategy that gave us an online voice, where our long-time customers and new potential customers could find us. Neil’s team provided solutions for getting us higher google rankings, improving our site speed, increasing our site traffic, and organically improving our online presence through the use of blogging and domain authority.”

“Our business now has the knowledge and tools to navigate the the digital marketplace and offer our services to a wider audience. We can quickly turn leads into customers, because our phones are ringing and email inbox is filling up with new customer inquiries for service” – Jonathan Palmer

What we did to achieve the goals

We worked with Redding Spray to help build their online presence from the bottom up. We helped them achieve their SEO goals, which they did not know how to do in the beginning. We worked on a consistent strategy of technical, onsite, and offsite SEO tactics to boost their online presence.

Lessons learned

We learned how to improve and optimize the customer experience and help users convert. We took time to understand our demographics and what terms and search queries helped convert users. We learned that a strategy of consistent articles mixed with backlinks would help us see so much success in our SEO campaign.

If you are willing to trust and follow the process, if you can be patient and invest in the long-term results, and agree that someone else knows something more than you when it comes to SEO, then you will be successful with Neil Patel at the wheel.”

– Jonathan Palmer, Redding Spray


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