Technical and Onsite Optimization Brought a 260% Increase in Organic Impressions on Google for Amir Oud

Mohammed Joraid head shot

With Mohammed Joraid

Co-Founder of Amir Oud

+ 260%

Increase in organic impressions on Google

+ 39.5%

Increase in organic traffic in 3 months

The company

Finding a perfume that triggers a warm feeling along with a forgotten memory doesn’t come around easily. Many people try fragrances abroad or at speciality perfumeries or airports and they fall in love with them, but they can’t get these fragrances here in the US locally. That is Oud Perfume’s mission: To revive & provide Oud & Middle Eastern perfumes that are missing from the mainstream US market.

Oud Perfumes has been a client of NPAccel for 3 months.

The challenge

We weren’t as visible on Google search as we’d hope to be and our website didn’t have much organic traffic. One of our objectives was, and still is, to keep/increase sales without increasing ads budget. We wanted to increase organic traffic, quality traffic that generates sales, as part of the infrastructure of our website.

A lot of consideration on what to do next and how to put SEO in mind along every action and update we do to our online store. We started thinking of products as ‘Keywords’ now. There are a lot, and a lot, of resources on SEO online and that made it confusing for us. With Neil Patel Accel, it was like drawing a roadmap, where the only thing that could happen when applying it, is to get ranked better.

-Mohammed Joraid

The results

After looking into the website and identifying great keyword opportunities, we optimized the home page.  Once the changes took place we saw an increase in impressions within the first month of work. We worked on offsite content marketing to help support our onsite changes; this is when the most change occured. By month two we started seeing much higher impressions and clicks started to follow. The specific results we saw were an increase in organic impressions by 260% and  Organic traffic 39.5%. Keyword rankings on Google started increasing as well for many high volume keywords.

Lessons learned

To set clear expectations and stick to the plan. The results will follow.

Neil Patel Accel provided us with guidance, tactics, information, and analysis on how to become visible on Google to customers who actually want to buy our products but they weren’t because our website did not show when they searched for what they wanted on Google.

-Mohammed Joraid, Co-Founder of Amir Oud

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