How SEO boosted organic traffic by over 269% in a six month period.

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Catie Harris, CEO & Founder



Increase in organic impressions


Increase in organic traffic


increase in total keywords

The company

We are the largest group of nurses helping nurses start and launch businesses globally.

The challenge

We weren’t ranking with our terms even though we are sometimes the only business out there offering the services we do. We had some competition around a couple keywords that we felt we could surpass if we just knew what we were doing with the SEO”

– Catie Harris, CEO & Founder NursePreneurs

The results

NPA has helped us control our SEO journey, begin ranking for keywords we are targeting and increase our overall organic traffic.

NPA came in and they were very organized, transparent and direct. They had a plan and knew exactly what to do”

– Catie Harris, CEO & Founder NursePreneurs

NP Digital was huge because I’ve worked with other SEO companies in the past and I never knew what they were doing or if they were doing anything. I know SEO can be a slow process, but it’s worse when you have no clue if anything is being done. In addition other companies would find technical SEO issues that needed to be fixed but they didn’t actually “fix” the issues, leaving me to try and figure out what the problem is that needed to be fixed and try to hire someone to fix something I didn’t understand. It was horrible. NP Digital doesn’t ever tell me to go find someone to fix technical SEO issues, they find issues, they fix it. That is what I wanted and needed!” – Catie Harris

What we did to achieve the goals

We have been able to achieve their SEO goals, and grow their impressions and traffic through targeted keywords and optimization. We worked consistently on all aspects of SEO month-over-month; we improved the site’s technical foundation, focused on keywords for target pages, and assisted in optimizing current pages and blogs.

Lessons learned

We learned what keywords to target and what pages to optimize, how to improve the customer experience and overall brand awareness. We learned that a strategy of consistent onsite optimization, blogs and backlinks would help us see success in our SEO campaign. 

If you want to be found, and you don’t have 20 hours a week to do your own SEO, then you need to outsource it. Cheap SEO agencies are not worth fooling around with. Expect to pay a fair price for what SEO does for you. If you need traffic, you need SEO, and it’s worth investing in. I wasted thousands on agencies that didn’t communicate and didn’t produce any results, just headaches. Neil Patel’s group is amazing and worth every penny”

– Catie Harris, CEO & Founder NursePreneurs

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