Neewa’s Organic Traffic Increased by 653%!

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With Dario Luparello

Director at Neewa

+ 432%

increase in organic impressions

+ 653%

increase in organic traffic

+ 41.5%

increase in click through rate

The company

Neewa products have been available in Europe for several years and we are now proud to offer them in the United States and Canada as well. Our gear is designed so that you can safely enjoy all activities with your dog and create a stronger bond with him/her. Anytime you play and do sports with your dog, he/she learns and builds confidence.

Neewa products are made with the finest materials on the market and are all Made in Italy. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and free returns on all products.

The challenge

We weren’t getting the visibility online to help get sales through our website. We wanted to make sure we had good traffic in order to keep orders up, especially as we entered the Holiday season. 

We really wanted to rank for some difficult terms, that would bring in a lot of volume. We were stuck at a point on the second page, and didn’t know how to move ourselves to the first page positions.

The results

Our sales are now up and we are ranking for nearly all of our products. NPA has helped us achieve a great presence online and we are so grateful.

“Because of our time with NPA, we had our best Black Friday yet, and we are ranking on the first page for several of our key terms. We even have rich snippets showing up for our products compared to those of our competitors.

The strategies

We provided onsite optimizations, backlinks, and web copy  to help focus their keywords and fix existing SEO issues onsite. When we struggled to reach the first page for a term, we added copy to help bring more information and authority to our page.  Then we optimized pages and added links as the “cherry on top” of our work.

Lessons learned

We learned that onsite optimizations are important to help Google understand the purpose of our pages. We used links to act as a driving force, but only after we had optimized and updated our page.

Yes. NPA helped us not only rank for difficult high volume terms, but they also used best practices to advise us on changes on our site that help facilitate better conversions. We now rank for terms like “dog gear” that have high volume and keep our sales up.”

– Dario Luparello, Director at Neewa

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