How SEO boosted impressions & traffic for National Silicone over a 1 year period.

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With Craig Mottershead

VP of Marketing at National Silicone


Increase in Organic Impressions YoY


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The company

National Silicone began as a small silicone supplier that only sold solid sheet. Today, we still sell solid sheet — as well as sponge sheet, extruded profiles, molded parts, compound/base and more. That “more” is providing the very best customer service, customer experience, and brand culture we can. 

Our dedication to great products and services comes from our appreciation of our customers. We aim to build long-term relationships where we can work closely with our customers to help them select materials, solve application issues and ultimately win more business.

The challenge

We wanted to improve our overall brand awareness/domain authority by enhancing our organic search ranking for selected key terms in our industry.

Our website was new and was receiving very few organic traffic numbers (less than 60 visits per month). As the site was new, we wanted to improve rankings and traffic for this new site to maximize its potential. 

The results

We have been able to see more than a 100% increase in impressions and traffic in our first year and over a 200% increase in traffic and impressions in our second year.

Also,  in only 8 months over 80% of our selected keywords are now ranking on page one of Google SERP. We now have 1178 ranking keywords where before we had less than 15. Our main term is also among the ranking keywords on page 1!

It has allowed us to target quality traffic, create a fast user-friendly website, helps us rank higher in search engines, and it is allowing us to keep up with — and ideally, move ahead of our competition.

The strategies

We worked with National Silicone to focus in on their most important products and those products keywords. Through onsite, technical, and content optimizations, as well as, offsite SEO we were able to increase traffic year over year over year for them and set up a pipeline of relevant organic traffic.

Lessons learned

By focusing in on just a few keywords and highest value products we were able to utilize the entire force of our SEO strategy on a small worthwhile area and see much better results than if we had used a general approach to the whole site and all products and keywords.

Additionally having worked with us continually now, the SEO that was implemented years ago allowed us to be positioned well today to capitalize on recent supply chain and market stability problems for main competitors.

We have truly enjoyed working with the team at NP Digital. The individuals we have worked with and are currently working with, all have been very knowledgeable, friendly, and not only take the time to educate you but really get to know your company and strive to help you reach your SEO goals. The dashboard tool has been very useful for us. It is a great way to track our analytics, the progress of our keywords and to see all the work that has been done.”

– Craig Mottershead, VP of Marketing at National Silicone

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