National Silicone Boosted Organic Traffic by Over 100% in Half a Year!

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With Craig Mottershead

VP of Marketing at National Silicone

+ 226%

increase in organic impressions


increase in organic traffic


ranking keywords in 6 months

The company

National Silicone began as a small silicone supplier that only sold solid sheet. Today, we still sell solid sheet — as well as sponge sheet, extruded profiles, molded parts, compound/base and more. That “more” is providing the very best customer service, customer experience, and brand culture we can. 

Our dedication to great products and services comes from our appreciation of our customers. We aim to build long-term relationships where we can work closely with our customers to help them select materials, solve application issues and ultimately win more business.

The challenge

We wanted to improve our overall brand awareness/domain authority by enhancing our organic search ranking for selected key terms in our industry.

Our website was new and was receiving very few organic traffic numbers (less than 60 visits per month). As the site was new, we wanted to improve rankings and traffic for this new site to maximize its potential. 

The results

Our organic search traffic has gone up 100% since starting to work with Neil Patel Accel. Also,  in only 8 months over 80% of our selected keywords are now ranking on page one of Google SERP. We now have 1178 ranking keywords where before we had less than 15. Our main term is also among the ranking keywords on page 1!

Neil Patel works seamlessly in the background improving our traffic, search term rankings and leads, while we focus on our daily activities without having to worry about that side of our marketing.

The strategies

We provided onsite optimizations and backlinks to help focus their keywords and fix existing SEO issues onsite. We worked to first build a solid foundation and fix technical issues, optimize, then add links as the final push to drive our work.

Lessons learned

We learned that links work best when they are combined with other types of SEO work and deliverables. If we had only built links, and not fixed the issues on-site through optimizations and technical time, our work wouldn’t have made as big of an impact. Conducting the right strategy is half the battle.

Neil Patel Accel offers a powerful results driven process to help you reach your SEO goals. From our very first interaction through to onboarding and now via our regular meetings, it’s always a great experience. They have an excellent team and I’m glad we chose Neil Patel to help us with our SEO.”

– Craig Mottershead, VP of Marketing at National Silicone

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