How a Comprehensive Marketing Plan has helped Modkat expand their business!

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Brett Teper, Co-Founder

Modkat – where modern cats do their business


Organic Search Ecommerce Conversion Rate YOY (SEO)

+ 43% organic users / + 138% organic revenue)


Paid Media Revenue (over +$500k in revenue YOY)

+ 63% Google paid revenue / + 30% increase in Facebook AOV

The company

Modkat has been redefining the cat litter box for over 10 years. Brett and Rich began an entirely new category of litter boxes inspired by design. They have built a large following in the US, and have expanded into both the UK and Canada. Modkat is on a mission to make the litter box experience more enjoyable for cats and their human parents alike.

“Rich and I have built a premium design brand in a segment where brands don’t truly exist. We are proud of having creating the best functioning, highest quality, most beautiful cat litter solutions and accessories for cats and cat parents alike.” – Brett, Co-Founder

The challenge

“We found it tough to find a consistent, reliable team to manage our ad budget, and to work with us to form a cohesive strategy to compliment our brand. Previously, we had a partner whose strategy was more ideal for a low margin, high volume product line which didn’t suit our premium brand. Overall, we needed a dedicated account rep that that was able to formulate a strategy with us, and communicate the results in a way that we would understand.”

Our goal was to help Modkat to develop an efficient, successful marketing strategy which would celebrate the premium quality of their brand while still being competitive in the industry space.

The strategy

Our overall marketing strategy began with a focus on SEO – we identified keywords that competitors were using, but also carved out some unique keywords in the space for their more specific customer.

We then added Paid Media as a way to drive ecommerce traffic and revenue – our tactics have been proven to be highly effective for Modkat, resulting in increases in revenue which have contributed to Modkat’s growth as a company. We focused heavily on dominating the Paid Search space, but utilized social media platforms to effectively tell Modkat’s story.

Most of the success we have seen with Neil Patel Accel is due to the strong collaboration we have with our outstanding Account Manager! She has a solid understanding of our brand and the wide array of NP services and has matched us with the ones that could best propel us without over-stretching our budget. – Brett, Co-Founder

The results

Our tactics have not only individually been successful for the goals of each of our services (SEO, Paid Media and we are just starting Email Marketing), but they have worked cohesively to grow the company as a whole.

Analytics numbers for the store show an increase to over 61K transactions (a 95% increase YOY), resulting in over $5MM in overall online store revenue in the last year.

We feel that we are finally being recognized in our target market as the premier brand we set out to be, and are seeing steady increases in keyword success, ROI and overall reach to our target market. “ says Brett.

What we did to achieve the goals

We identified SEO keywords that were competitive but also unique to their target audience. We drive ecommerce traffic and revenue with key paid search tactics, but used social media advertising to tell the Modkat brand story. We are now working to maximize revenue further with email marketing tactics to keep connection with the target consumer.

Lessons learned

Modkat is a unique brand – it is in a competitive retail environment but provides an elevated product to a common audience. We learned that there are ways to embrace the high end nature of the product while employing competitive tactics to combat the cheaper products on the market. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on curated SEO content, and growing our revenue generating channels. The client has been amazing at trusting our suggestions and tactics, and we’re so excited to continue growing with them!

Having worked with many paid advertising individuals and teams, Neil Patel Accel has been the most robust in service offerings, and we have found their representatives to be the most open to learning about our business, and offering the best solutions for our needs.”

– Brett Teper, Co-Founder – Modkat


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