How SEO boosted impressions traffic, and keywords for Modern Aging over 7-months.

Risa Morimoto

Modern Aging


Increase in Organic Impressions


Increase in Organic Traffic


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The company

“After caring for my parents for 19 years (they had a stroke, Parkinson’s and dementia), I started Modern Aging as a way to help people find better, healthier, more holistic ways to approach their own health and well-being as they age. I became a health coach but I am also a filmmaker. I have traveled extensively around the world so now am taking best practices and sharing it with my audience.

The challenge

I was looking at ways to improve SEO, awareness that could lead to conversions, thus providing a healthy, sustainable business.

The results

“How was Neil Patel Accel able to help?”

By giving me tools to improve SEO and overall health of the site.  They have helped me to understand of how Google works and best practices to achieve better ranking and more visibility.

Risa Morimoto

Modern Aging

What has that meant for your business?”

EVERYTHING!  I know that understanding Google and how the machine works is key to getting noticed and providing better value for potential customers.


What we did to achieve the goals

We worked with Modern Aging to help build their online presence from the bottom up. We have been able to achieve their SEO goals, and grow their impressions and traffic. We worked on a consistent strategy of technical, onsite, content, and offsite SEO tactics to boost their online presence.

Lessons learned

We learned how to target different values that Modern Aging has for their audience. We took those topics, wrote new content and optimized current content about those topics, and the results speak for themselves. We learned that coordinating between SEO strategy and industry insights is the key to a successful partnership.

What would you tell other businesses considering Neil Patel Accel?

It’s not about having a flashy website.  It is more important to have a well-functioning, easily readable site that is liked by Google.  NP Accel helps you to achieve that.

Risa Morimoto

Modern Aging

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