Technical SEO Fixes Lead to Organic Traffic Doubling for Nutritionist

Stephanie Kay head shot

With Stephanie Kay

Owner of Stephanie Kay Nutrition

+ 154%

Increase in traffic in Q4

+ 169%

Increase in organic impressions

The company

We’ve worked with Stephanie for months and are already seeing large returns on updates to her website. Her nutrition programs provide realistic nutrition plans for balanced diets that not only help participants lose weight, but build a whole new lifestyle around healthy foods. We wanted to see her work in Ottawa, Canada continue to grow, so we helped her refine her website and online marketing strategies to grow her customer base.

She writes,

My fiery and sassy personality and no-nonsense approach to eating well. I give people realistic advice that actually works for real life.”

The challenge

Stephanie came to us to find out what was wrong with her site. She knew that she was popular on Pinterest (which brags over 2800 followers), but she struggled with her online programs and eBooks getting attention. She could only do so much as a solopreneur, but soon found that her website had a lot of technical issues – and that’s where we came in, to assist her.

The results

We saw quite the impact on traffic from the get-go after we implemented the recommendations off our technical audits that we ran. We saw spikes of about 150 people to her page, and once the implementations were complete, we saw over 150% (actual 158.11%) increase compared to the previous quarter!

Stephanie said,

Not only was the team able to optimize my site and provide with a very quick increase in traffic, but they taught me so much about SEO along the way and were constantly open to my questions and request for support.”

“Do it! This is a real business with real people who truly care about your business.” – Stephanie

Lessons learned

After all you’ve done for your website, and after you’ve done your research by watching videos from Neil Patel, it’s not enough to just hope it makes a difference. Actually doing something makes an impact and Google likes that.

My business is 100% digital and in only 3 months they have completely changed my entire approach to writing content and the strategy behind it. I am now much more intentional and strategic which will only continue to support my traffic and revenue.”

-Stephanie Kay, Owner of Stephanie Kay Nutrition

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