How PPC boosted conversions by over 100% in a 3 month period.

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Alexx Leyva

Marketing Director at Infinity Software


Increase in Sessions


Decrease in CPA

0 to 86

Increase in Conversions

The company

We build North America’s leading loan management software platform for short term alternative credit lenders. We’re part of the FinTech revolution and are changing the way people lend and borrow money.

The challenge

We used to get all of our leads from trade shows and referrals but when covid shut all of that down we realized we needed to quickly build out our online presence if we wanted to keep growing like we were.

Landing Page Optimization drives Paid Media Results

Paid Media Challenge #1

Infinity Software came to NPAccel with a beautiful website and an even more impressive service offering. Upon launching new lead-gen campaigns, the Paid Media team quickly realized that performance was not working. All front end metrics were trending positively but still no leads were coming through the onsite ‘schedule a demo’ conversion sign up. We first blamed tracking, assuming something was not accurately set up but ultimately it came down to the landing page experience.


  • NPA analyzed the current conversion path and leveraged best practices to determine changes to improve CR%
  • We recommended testing a different type of submission form that provided an easier path to conversion for a user. This would also allow us to easily track leads.


After implementation of the new form to their website, we immediately saw an influx of leads. We could now attribute conversions back to paid campaigns and ads. This has allowed us to optimize our paid efforts to drive even more conversions.

  • Increased conversion rate by 131%, decreased CPL by 66%, increased total monthly leads
  • Not only have we increased the volume of leads, but the quality of leads resulting in more revenue for Infinity Software
  • The client is looking to hire more staff to handle inbound lead support

Expansion Into the Display Channel Promotes Growth

Paid Media Challenge #2

Client wanted to revisit strategies that were on hold when we were struggling to produce conversions. The client wanted to continue their growth by looking into other opportunities to increase conversions.


  • NPA recommended expanding to the display channel to remarket to their users utilizing a smart bidding strategy.
  • We tested various ad types that resulted in a slight increase in conversions.
  • We layered on a new ad type with varied ad assets which featured their software and the benefits of using it, which resulted in an increase in engagement.


  • With the addition of the new ad types, the display channel has grown this client’s overall lead generation. We doubled their leads in one month, resulting in a 100% increase in total conversions using this channel.
  • The remarketing display campaign has achieved a significantly lower CPA than the search campaigns with a difference of 140.45% between the two channels.

The results

NP helped us launch a brand new site and get it ranking for our key terms, get paid ads up and converting, launch a blog, fix all of our SEO, set up automated email follow-up, and even launch a recorded webinar for our platform” says Alexx


Over NPA’s Partnership with Infinity Software, we saw overall:

Conversion Rate Increase

Cost per Acquisition Decrease

Total Conversions Increase

“We have more leads than we’ve ever had. We reached our Q2 leads goal and we still have an entire month left to get even more leads. This goal was a stretch so closing so many deals so quickly has been huge. NP has also helped us be reaffirmed as the leader in our space and the entire industry has taken note of the successful online presence that we have created so quickly.” – Alexx Leyva

What we did to achieve the goals

We worked with Infinity Software to help build their online presence from the bottom up. We helped them achieve their sales goals, which they considered lofty from the very start. We set the bar high and continue to help them build up their company and generate leads online. We spent time building out their paid media strategy from scratch, optimizing campaigns, and finding solutions to generate form, call, and chat leads.

Lessons learned

We learned how to improve and optimize the customer experience and help users convert. We took time to understand our demographics and what terms and search queries helped convert users. We learned that a strategy which included an overall consideration of a paid user’s journey required an easier path to conversion, ultimately resulting in increased conversions.

Neil Patel is the real deal and the only marketing agency that I know of that not only delivers results but goes above and beyond in every way. The people working with us are kind, professional, organized and extremely talented. We’ve learned a ton from them and are on track to hit our very ambitious growth goals thanks in large part to their work. If you believe in what you’re selling and need a way to get it in the hands of more people, then NP will be your secret weapon.”

– Alexx Leyva, Marketing Director at Infinity Software


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