How SEO Grew our clicks from an average of 400 a day to 1800 a day


Click Growth


Impression Growth


Increase in ranking keywords

The company

Headset Advisor is a family owned business founded by Doug Merritt in 1994. Our mission has always been to provide you such great service you’d be our customer for life and refer your friends. You wouldn’t think choosing a headset for your business needs would be a challenge.

With all the different brands, models and misinformation online, it quickly gets confusing and can be a frustrating experience. When you work with us, we have all the answers to your questions and can quickly match you with the best compatible headset for your unique needs. We provide just about any headset you need and are experts with all of them, so we have no vested interest which brand or model you choose.

Our goal is to ensure you get the right headsets based on what’s most important to you. Also, we’re experts with all headset brands we provide, so we’re here to help ensure you have great working headsets at all times. You’re never passed off to the manufacture or third party source for support. Whether you have a question about compatibility, need a recommendation, or want help with your existing headsets, contact us today and our Advisors in California are ready to assist.

The challenge

Our monthly traffic was low and we had only branded keywords ranking. We needed to find a viable solution to help our company and traffic grow.

Competing against the suppliers themselves, we found it hard to rank for our products and keywords. We also didn’t have any paid advertising set up and wanted to be there in the space.

The results

Sales! We started by breaking even on paid, now our ROAS is up and we have a loyal customer base that is growing each month.

“Neil Patel helped us build our traffic – it happened just as they said, slow in the first year, but compounding year over year. We consistently get nearly 50,000 visitors per month. We rank for thousands of keywords, not just that of our brand name. We also put together helpful blogs and tutorials with their advice and assistance that have helped thousands of people choose the perfect headset for their business.”

– David Merritt, President
Headset Advisor

What we did to achieve the goals

We were consistent in our marketing efforts, but had a well rounded strategy of blogs, refresh, backlinks, and onsites. The client saw major growth but also continued working with us for several years to achieve the type of growth we saw, taking them from several thousand visitors per month to 40,000 visitors per month

Lessons learned

SEO takes time, through our efforts, we were consistent and didn’t have a knee jerk reaction if keywords or pages had a seasonal dip. In many cases, we tend to jump to conclusions too quickly when keywords regularly fluctuate. We worked as a team to attack keywords from a well rounded strategic approach, backlinking, refreshing, and creating new content to help us achieve our goals.

“Making a long term commitment is your key to SEO. If we stopped after the first year, we would not have seen the success we have had. We have been very pleased with Neil Patel and have no complaints. Smooth sailing!”

– David Merritt, President
Headset Advisor.

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