How Email conversions increased by over 25%+ YOY



Increase in Campaign Revenue


Increase in Email Recipients


Increase in Deliverability

The company

Elk Springs Resort professionally markets and manages over 100 million in high volume vacation rental properties located in the Great Smoky Mountains.  They provide 5 star quality and service to the over 100,000 guests that visit their properties each year.

The challenge

We needed to boost our outbound email marketing flows and campaigns.  We were performing well, but wanted to take the performance to the next level.

The results

“Our marketing distribution has increased over 100% and our email marketing conversions has increased over 25% with 7 workflows & 12 campaigns which were deployed

Andy Gladstein, Managing Partner

Elk Springs Resort

“NPA provided high impact expertise to help us refine and improve our current workflows & campaigns, but also helped us in areas we were unaware of needed help and functionality.”

What we did to achieve the goals

We refreshed and created additional email Workflows and Campaigns to provide more engaging content to a more interested audience. We also integrated SMS to the marketing mix to stay top-of-mind for in-market shoppers.

Lessons learned

We learned that it’s incredibly important to have a well-structured and comprehensive email strategy in place to communicate directly with potential (and existing) customers. If the right Workflows and Campaigns are not in place, then you’re leaving money on the table. This is even more true in industries with highly competitive search results pages where you have to compete for visibility.

If you are looking to increase your email marketing reach and effectiveness, partnering with NPA is low risk and results driven.

Andy Gladstein, Managing Partner

Elk Springs Resort

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