Easy On Hold Increased Conversions by 200% and Increased Organic Traffic by 40% in Just 4 Months

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Easy On Hold

+ 40%

Increase in organic traffic

+ 200%


The company

Easy On Hold has been reducing hang ups by 75% for businesses by offering a large selection of hold music suited to any size of company. They’ve built integrations into a variety of platforms with some of the largest telecommunication brands, such as Cisco, Genesys, Avaya, Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Bicom, and OnSip. When they approached us, they had a solid online base and wanted to drive up SERP ratings to get to the first page so they could achieve even more leads per month.

Easy On Hold is located in Kalamazoo, MI and own the trademark The Music On Hold Experts.

Stop losing calls! Callers who hear useful information will stay on the line 3 minutes longer than with music alone. Reduce hang ups by 75% with Easy On Hold.”

– Easy On Hold

The challenge

Easy On Hold was performing well with their online platform, but they wanted to drive their marketing even further to rank higher on search engines and get more leads to enhance their profitability. We worked with them by adapting Neil Patel’s marketing strategies according to their needs so we could accomplish this together.

The results

After just a couple of months working with Easy On Hold, we noticed some changes in their ranking. They began to hit the first page of Google after the in-depth onsite optimizations we performed. We continued to optimize other pages on their site to solve keyword cannibalization issues and they continued to do work on their site based off the audits we ran for them. 

Several high domain authority links were built to help establish their position on Google SERP even further. Over the course of four months, the client’s rankings dramatically changed for all but a couple of keywords. They were seeing increases of 40% for all their organic keywords and they were also seeing conversion rate increases by 200%. They were suddenly converting 6-7 leads per month, whereas before they started with us, they were converting 1-2 leads. 

Due to increased traffic and more leads, the company was able to provide more jobs within their company and schedule a redesign of their site. 

We used conversion rate optimization along with on-page optimizations and offsite links to maximize this campaign.

“Don’t hesitate to make the leap to join them. Good SEO practices can go a long way.” – Keegan

Lessons learned

We learned a lot from this campaign: sometimes taking a simple recommendation and making some small changes can make a big difference for SEO. We took the time to assess technical issues that were holding the site back and then did everything we could to improve the site. Using a mix of deliverables and work, we were able to successfully create a long term digital marketing strategy that actually helped our client.

Neil Patel has a great process of learning your business, trusting your expertise and developing your goals. Over 5 months we saw web traffic increase 40%, bringing an additional 13,000 users to our website this year and increasing our web conversions by 200%. We’re excited to keep improving our website and close more deals as traffic continues to increase.

With a large traffic increase, and a huge 200% web conversion increase, we were able to close more deals. Everyone in the office would ask “What are you guys doing online?”, we would respond “Just good SEO”. Tons of growth, we were able to plan for a redesign of our site with the efforts from Neil Patel.”

– Keegan Brown, Easy On Hold

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