SEO Strategy Leads to Sessions Doubled and Gained an 11.4 ROAS for Dynasty Mattress

Tony Nguyen head shot

With Tony Nguyen

Owner of Dynasty Mattress

11.14 ROAS

In the month of January

+ 105%

Increase in sessions over the last 90 days

11 → 4

Increased ranking for one main keyword

The company

Dynasty Mattress has better quality mattresses than other major brand named companies and doesn’t charge thousands of dollars for a mattress. In most cases, their mattresses have a higher pound density of gel either infused or added as a gel layer to help increase the coolness effect when sleeping.  

More minds and eyes on the project bring newer ideas on where to improve, compare and contrast, innovate and update.

Dynasty Mattress has been working with NP Accel since October 2019.

The challenge

Dynasty Mattress knew that creating and marketing a website would be important if they wanted to make more sales. The challenge was to accomplish this by doing more independent online marketing rather than relying on Amazon for sales.

The strategies

We rolled out a blog on the site with a content strategy that helped them build newer, more customer-relevant content to drive organic traffic.

We optimized and updated the pages on the site, adding meta tags and schema. The process also included fixing the site’s loading speed and other technical issues.

We performed outreach to provide good content with links back to Dynasty Mattress as a resource in the industry.

The results

Dynasty Mattress has been around for over twelve years, and mainly focused on getting sales from Amazon. They recently decided they wanted to get more traffic and orders from their own website and switched their efforts into SEO and PPC marketing with NP Accel. 

The results have made a great impact on their online sales. Within a few months, they have already seen an increase in organic rankings, moving from page 11 to page 4 for one of their main keywords, “RV mattress”.  We also assisted them in adding their products to Google Shopping and running retargeting ads on Google. In January they finished the month at an 11.135 ROAS on Google paid ads, making it the most profitable month they have seen yet.

“NP Accel knows what they are doing, and they are worth the high price. Overall they are very good. I can’t ask for any better. ” – Tony

Lessons learned

We both learned that a new site takes time to get results. However, there are areas that are less competitive, and getting more traffic to their site is more profitable for the business. Over time, we can create more business, repeat customers, and a bigger brand for Dynasty Mattress.

We have seen an 20% increase in our monthly traffic every month for the past 4 months. Our website quality and health has also improved to Google’s standards. The ads are constantly being refined and are doing better month by month and are increasing by 18% more conversions every month. I highly recommend NP Accel if you need to grow traffic and increase rankings on Google.”

-Tony Nguyen, Owner of Dynasty Mattress

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