DisABLEDperson’s Organic Traffic Grew Over 600% with Over 20 Million Impressions and almost 300,000 Organic Visitors in less than 4 Months!

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With Mike Corso

President of DisABLEDperson, Inc.

+ 600%

increase in organic traffic

20 Million



organic visitors

The company

disABLEDperson, Inc. is a public charity organization since 2002 whose primary focus is disability employment. Their goals is to help any individuals with a disability find employment with ease.

Because of their main focus with individuals with disabilities, it allows for a higher chance that your resume will be viewed by a possible future employer. Additionally, their site also offers both email and SMS texting job alerts. When you sign up you will receive new job listings every day. Even though their site is nationally based, you can search for local job listings by simply using our advanced job search functionality.

The challenge

Every so often Google comes out with an algorithm update. After a couple of years of continual pain, loss of traffic, and lack of job postings Michael Corso founder of DisABLEDperson decided he had enough. At the beginning of 2020 when a Google Algorithm update massive impacted almost 90% of DisABLEDpersons traffic Mike decided it was time to reach out for help.

Being a close follower of Neil Patel for years implementing his suggestions on his site. Mike knew exactly where he could turn to overcome this heartbreaking defeat and regain the large audience he had previously lost.

The results

Within the first month of DisABLEDpersons campaign COVID-19 struck and tried to put a wedge in our success. With the continued fast pace in fixing technical issues, optimizing for specific key terms, and adding additional content DisABLEDpersons traffic started trending upwards unlike so many of their competitors’ sites.  In less than 4 months Organic Traffic grew over 600% with over 20 Million impressions and almost 300,000 organic visitors.

NPAccel contributed both on site and off site advise which was spot on and we not only have recovered from the January disaster, we have surpassed where we were.

The strategies

Following a Technical Audit, it was determined that there were many fixes to be made on the site. Beyond the fixes, it was important for us to capitalize and optimize on any keyword opportunities both on-site and off. Lastly, with the repeated implementation of new content to the site it helped boost the overall rankings for DisABLEDperson and bring in massive amounts of additional traffic.

Lessons learned

After starting the campaign and taking another big hit with the COVID-19 Pandemic it was important for us to not give up and lose hope. As competitors dialed back to compensate for the unseen events on the horizon DisABLEDperson pressed forward allowing them to make tremendous strides that continue to pay off day after day.

You can trust that they have your best interest at heart. You can trust that they know what they are doing. My experience has been met with kindness, professionalism, knowledge, and understanding.”

– Mike Corso, President of DisABLEDperson, Inc.

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