CRO Testing Leads to Boosted Conversions in just 2 Months for DeliverFund

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With Jee Kim

Website Manager at DeliverFund

+2.43% CVR

Increase on visits to /join-the-fight/ page metric.

+ 4.33% CVR

Increase on visits to /how-deliverfund-is…/ page metric.

The company

DeliverFund is a more effective solution in the fight against human trafficking, through intelligence and proactive partnerships with law enforcement.

They realized that to get the public support they needed for their non-profit organization, they needed more traffic and more quality donations. They saw that conversion rates were low and were motivated to receive SEO and CRO help.

The challenge

DeliverFund wanted to increase its conversion rates and its overall SEO ranking as an authority in the counter human trafficking industry. There was a lack of quality on website donations and the need to increase conversion rates on our home page.

It can be tough for companies to know what site changes to make and how those changes affect user behavior.

The strategies

We provided A/B testing CRO services to increase conversions from the homepage. We started at the home page because it has the most user entrances, and the quality of first impressions can greatly affect user behavior. Because users weren’t engaging with the content above the fold, we gave them strong reasons to trust the company and engage with the first Call-To-Action. We also adjusted the copy on the homepage to encourage increased trust in our cause. 

The results

After 2 months of running a structured A/B test on the home page, we had enough sessions to represent the user audience. We also had data that was significant from the Original version. By small and simple changes, we saw huge increases in page visits, which means the changes weren’t small for users. There was a +2.43% CVR increase on the visits to /join-the-fight/ page metric. In addition, there was a +4.33% CVR increase on the visits to /how-deliverfund-is…/ page metric.

DeliverFund has a clearer path towards ranking higher on search engine results pages, and with higher conversion rates on our home page, this will translate into more donations for our nonprofit.”

-Jee Kim

“Within just the span of a few months, Neil Patel set DeliverFund on the right path to rank higher on the search results page, and has already shown great results with A/B tests of increased conversion rates.” – Jee

Lessons learned

We learned what DeliverFund’s online user audience prefers. They engaged more when the Value Proposition sentence “Help us fortify…’ was shown. They also engaged more when only one CTA was shown. While testing multiple variations, we focused on overall and page specific increases in Conversion Rate. We saw an increased conversion rate on the “Join the Fight” page when we updated the content to help page visitors feel the need for them to be involved in this cause.

Make that investment because it’s worth it; not just for numbers and results, but also for learning how to build your message more effectively and present it to clients and donors with more clarity. If you need help with SEO or conversion optimization, don’t hesitate in reaching out to the team at Neil Patel Accel. Jake is a force of nature, and if you are fortunate enough to have him overseeing your account as we have been, you are sure to get top-notch professional support and results.”

-Jee Kim, Website Manager at DeliverFund

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