How SEO boosted impressions & traffic for Clean Er Up Bin Rentals over a 12 month period.


Clean ER Up Bin Rentals


Increase in Impressions Year Over Year


Increase in Organic Traffic Year Over Year


Keyword Increase Year Over Year

The company

“Our core values and commitment to our customers is based on the belief that longevity is the product of excellent service and providing added value. For example, when you order a Clean Er Up dumpster bin, we want you to only pay for what you use. This means that when your skip is full, we pick it up on time and dispose of the contents right away at the recycling plant. This commitment of adding value is how we have become the premier dumpster bin rental company in the Southern Ontario region.”

The challenge

“We wanted our website’s internet presence to become stronger so we could get in front of serious customers looking for professional bin rental services.” – Brandon, Clean ER Up Bin Rentals

The results

“It [our SEO campaign] helps us a ton as we’ve started to get more local calls and we’re quite impressed with the results – especially through Covid – it’s mind blowing.” Brandon
Clean ER Up Bin Rentals

“We came into the contract NOT focused on the total amount owed every month for NPA services and expecting results instantly. We understood from doing our own due diligence that ranking to change your company’s cash flow through its website takes time and we already know once we started dominating on the internet locally the money would follow.” – Brandon

What we did to achieve the goals

We employed a traditional three prong SEO campaign strategy to boost impressions, keywords, and traffic. Our team combined a number of deliverables; onsite optimizations, offsite content marketing, and content including blogs and content refreshes. These deliverables worked together, creating the full scope of work that helped Clean Er Up see results.

Lessons learned

We learned that customers were looking for bins in their specific neighborhood. By updating our navigation with specific areas that Clean ER Up serves we were able to provide clarity on services and help users convert. For our content piece we discovered what kind of questions customers were asking about dumpster rentals and worked to write content that answered those question in detail. As our cherry on top, we learned that a strategy of consistent backlinks strategy would help us see continued success in our SEO campaign.

“All of the team members we spoke with were professional from the start and easy going to communicate with.”- Brandon

Have patience with your campaign and always listen to the team. In the beginning of your campaign nothing is going to work because your website needs time to rank but over a few months, depending on how hard it is to rank for the specific keyword, you will get calls…

Make sure you take every meeting seriously and provide as much knowledge of your industry to the marketers so they can help your company go in the direction you want it to go in. Our biggest regret was not starting earlier!”

– Brandon, Clean ER Up Bin Rentals


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