Cashmere Hair Extensions had their Most Profitable Black Friday and Cyber Monday After Working with NPAccel

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With Melissa Barone

Owner of Cashmere Hair Extensions

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Increase in ROAS

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The company

Cashmere Hair Extensions, California – Beauty Industry

Cashmere Hair is affordable, gives you longer, thicker, cashmere-soft hair in just minutes without causing any damage to your own hair. Win-win! They also provide excellent customer support, value, and confidence. Hair flips optional. 

After only 5 months in business, Rachel & Melissa excitedly filmed for an episode of ABC’s popular investment TV Show SHARK TANK. Just a few months later, in December of 2013, their episode aired, where the women presented their brand new business to the Sharks & the world. Even though they didn’t get a “deal”, they went on to become a multi-million dollar business and one of today’s leading hair extension companies on the market.

While working with NPAccel we were able to create a planned out strategy with timelines.

The challenge

We needed better marketing solutions. Calendars for sales & promotions timelines and help executing on the work.

The strategies

  • Moving their site to another platform to help get the blog onsite.
  • In-depth Keyword research to make sure we are targeting the correct keywords to drive traffic and results to the site. 
  • We have optimized the pages on the site, adding meta tags, schema, fixed the site speed and technical issues with the site. 
  • Tested social ads with different sales and promotions to increase traffic and sales.
  • Restricted spend to products that were not profitable and fully funding products that had high ROI.
  • We have done outreach providing good content with links back to Cashmere Hair as a resource in the industry. 

The results

Cashmere hair extensions have been working with NPAccel for SEO and Paid search. After 5 months 2 keywords have jumped to the 1st page. They also saw several other keywords jump in the rankings. We have seen an increase in impressions and traffic with the rankings increase. 

In September NPA identified that the current conversion tracking was set up improperly. Arbitrary values were being used instead of the actual prices of the products sold. In October NPA had reliable tracking set up that allowed for in-depth reporting. 

After implementing NPAs strategies they made a 772% return on investment in November making it the most profitable black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Lessons learned

PPC & SEO is so important! If you have a business online you have to have the right strategies to get results. Having a team that is dedicated to working on the strategy has helped with making the business more profitable.

Working together has been great, the team has helped with our questions meeting with us weekly to make sure we are discussing our account, hitting deadlines, and making the most from our marketing dollars.”

-Melissa Barone, Owner of Cashmere Hair Extensions

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