How SEO helped a healthcare business achieve their marketing goals.

Chris Pastorius, Head of Growth

Brightside Health


Keyword Growth


New Backlink Domains


Increase in Blog Traffic

The company

We built the care we wish our family members had when they really needed it and we’ll deliver the care we would want our family members to have.

We’re committed to following the highest clinical standards, delivering the best possible outcomes, protecting your privacy, and treating you like a person, not a patient.


The challenge

We wanted to expand our online presence, with top competitors dominating the market, we needed to rank for keywords beyond our own brand.

Our goals were to:

  • Start ranking for higher value keywords
  • Start getting higher quality backlinks
  • Add relevant content with lots of E-A-T

The results

With the new traffic we gained, we were able to make very strategic business decisions to help us gain new providers and patients fr the future. 

“Our NP team is always prepared and comes to bring solution and strategy when needed.” says Chris.

“We rank for some of the most competitive keywords in the industry and saw a traffic increase well over 70% in the last year.”

– Chris

What we did to achieve the goals

We had a well rounded strategy working with various team members to make sure pages were optimized, blogs were regularly published, copy was refreshed, and backlinks were in progress each month. The traffic we helped produce, helped the client to be an authority online, which helped us rank for our desired keywords.

Lessons learned

We learned that the constant update of content is extremely valuable for this industry. The site was lacking expertise, authority, and trust. By helping Google see the authority of their site from their writers, the client was able to see more growth than expected and we sustained that growth through the year.

“NPA is one of the only marketing agencies we have worked with that stays ahead of the curve and understand every piece of the strategy.
The strategy they implemented with us has sustained growth helping us gain new ranking keywords and new business. We appreciate their hard work and effort very much.”

– Chris Pastorius, Head of Growth | Brightside Health


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