Big Sky Rentals’s Organic Impressions Increased by 45,900% in less than 6 Months!

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With Jay Benjamin

Partner of Big Sky Rentals

+ 45,900.0%

increase in organic impressions

+ 1,566.7%

increase in organic traffic

+ 24,033.3%

increased ranking keywords (724)

The company

Big Sky Rentals makes access to Hunting, Fishing, and Camping even easier by providing short term rentals on high quality outdoor equipment.

After being invited to join two senior executives on a week long fishing trip in Wyoming, a trip that would be professionally advantageous to their careers, founders Jay Benjamin and Bob Dudzinski recognized the need for affordable gear rentals.

Working through the disappointment of having to eventually turned down the trip because the costs was simply too high, Jay and Bob came up with the vision of Big Sky Rentals.

The challenge

Big Sky Rentals chose to work with NPAccel to build their online presence as a new site and company. 

As a new business trying to break into the outdoor market, they new they needed help establishing their website and gaining traction.

With a goal of increasing website conversions for their outdoor gear rentals, partnering with a trusted SEO company like NPAccel was an important decision.

The results

Over 6 months, NPAccel was able to take a new website with absolutely no traffic, and increase keyword ranking by 24,033.3% for a total of 724 new keywords.

We were able to create steady organic impressions up to 251 in a single day.

We were also able to create steady organic clicks and site traffic leading to increased sales.

NPAccel provided “Greater sales and understanding of how to promote our business

The strategies

We provided ongoing SEO services to increase keyword ranking, organic impressions, and organic traffic conversions to the website. 

We did this through a combination of website optimization, content creation, and offsite content marketing.

Website optimizations enabled individual pages to rank better for target keywords. Content creation further enhances keyword ranking and proved to bring new traffic to the site.

Neil Patel did a great job in educating us about how SEO works. Not only did they help us to understand it, but did an even better job implementing it. Thank you Neil Patel!”

– Jay Benjamin, Partner of Big Sky Rentals

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