How NPAccel’s SEO strategy boosted organic impressions, number of ranking keywords, average ranking position & traffic for Adventure Hacks.


Adventure Hacks


Increase in Organic Impressions 6 Months Over 6 Months


Increase in Organic Traffic 6 Months Over 6 Months

+ 44.1%

Increase in Keywords 6 Months over 6 Months

The company

Besides camping hacks and food and gear tips for all types of adventures, you’ll also find articles that expound the mental and physical benefits of outdoor expeditions. In comparison to physical health, there’s relatively little to zero awareness
of the positive effects that outdoor adventures can have on mental health.

Even something as simple as trail walking can help us connect with nature, relax, and rejuvenate, leaving our worries behind. Nature offers food for the soul and has the power to enhance our psychological well-being, bringing us inner peace and joy.

Disconnect from addictive social media and connect with nature from time to time. If you don’t know where to begin, start with Adventure Hacks.

The challenge

I was spread too thin with other projects, and needed to get the site’s SEO dialed in. Everything from internal linking, backlink acquisition, heading structures, web copy, content refreshes and some technical aspects on the backend were lacking.” – David, Adventure Hacks.

The results

I was able to recover significant lost traffic, gain new customers to our shop, and rank for more than double the amount keywords in less than a year.” – David, Adventure Hacks.

6 Months Over 6 Months, Lifetime of Our Campaign: Site Wide

“Neil and team helped me help myself.”

– David, Adventure Hacks

What we did to achieve the goals

Adventure Hacks has a educational aspect, an ecommerce aspect a trail guides aspect. We employed a traditional three prong SEO campaign strategy to boost impressions, total number of keywords as well as average ranking, and traffic. Our team strategically used onsite optimizations, offsite content marketing, and content to achieve the increases in organic traffic we are seeing.

Lessons learned

We learned that customers were looking for information on specific outdoor activities like best places to hunt or educational resources on hiking in the rain. We saw Adventure Hack’s bounce rate increase as our organic traffic and total number or ranking keywords did. In 2022, our second year of our strategy, we are moving forward with CRO to help Adventure Hacks decrease bounce rate and increase sales retention.

Do it. They’re kind of a big deal.

My experience from the very first call with my account executive Mark, to the interactions with my account managers David and Brentley were stellar.

The team is incredibly bright, friendly and very good at what they do. They involved me in the process but required no hand holding or micromanaging which I appreciate.”

– David, Adventure Hacks.


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