How SEO has dramatically increased Accident Records’ organic traffic in 5 months.

Rich Hull, Operations Manager

Accident Records LLC


Increase in Organic Impressions


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Ranking Keywords

The company

At Accident Records LLC, we help people find their accident reports online. The service we provide is free and helps bring victims in touch with professional accident services such as treatment professionals and legal experts dedicated in helping them resolve their accident issues.

By doing so we are generating high-quality leads for personal injury attorneys and doctors who meet prospects where they are, generate instant trust and rapport, all while boosting urgency.

The challenge

Getting our site seen organically was the biggest challenge we were facing. We have a very strong PPC program that is enabling us to help our clients and their leads, however, we wanted to expand our reach even further to provide greater value.

Moreover, having a strong organic presence helps boost trust and credibility which is what we needed.

The results

We’ve seen incredible growth of the site organic traffic, as well as organic leads. Which allow us to provide greater value for our clients, but also boost trust and credibility.

“SEO is a long game plan and we knew this from the get go. But through a solid SEO plan that NPA has put together and then adjusted it to suit our needs, we began to see results after 5 months of consistent work.

“NPA provided a solid SEO plan that suited our needs. After 8 months of consistency, we are seeing great results. We aim to be a client of NPA for a long time to come to dominate our marketplace.” – Rich Hull

What we did to achieve the goals

We worked consistently on all aspects of SEO month-over-month; we improved the site’s technical foundation, focused on competitive keywords for target pages, and assisted in writing new content target the areas the company was expanding to.

Lessons learned

We learned that creating exclusive content for specific target locations and focusing on long-tail keywords gives us an edge against the competition. We’ve seen incredible growth of organic traffic, as well as huge gains in keyword rankings. Content marketing has become an integral part of our strategy as it allows us to provide valuable information to users who come to trust the site as a resource and often convert into a valuable lead.

If you have the budget and are serious about building something strong with deep foundations, do it. It’s an investment for your online business and vital for credibility and presence.”

– Rich Hull, Operations Manager At Accident Records LLC


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