A.M.E. Ultrasound’s Traffic Increases by 709% in 4 Months!

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With Ephraim Herschmann

A.M.E Ultrasounds

+ 709%

increase in traffic within 4 months

84 → 688

Visitors in April compared to August

The company

A.M.E. is the trusted source for refurbished medical equipment in thousands of hospitals, clinics, and universities. Any machine we sell is guaranteed to have been quality certified according to OEM standards, and exceeds those expectations. We recognize the key position that our products hold in diagnosis, and reflect this responsibility in our refurbishing process. At A.M.E. our priority is to deliver high-quality products that will last for many years to come, while still providing customers with the most cost-effective option. A.M.E. has been a client of NPAccel for ten months.

Any machine we sell is guaranteed to have been quality certified according to OEM standards, and exceeds those expectations.”

Here at NPAccel, we’ve had the pleasure of working with them over the past five months to help them boost their SERP ratings with powerful SEO strategies that have since driven up their online leads and conversions.

The challenge

Sales for our Ultrasounds were not increasing and we needed some direction on how to make our mark online. We came to NPAccel with the desire to drive leads and sales productivity over the company business year.

The results

Initially our goal was to increase traffic in a specific area.  We soon found that our work was impacting hundreds of keywords and increasing the overall authority of the site. In addition to Offsite Content Marketing we gave recommendations on Site Structure, and focused on User Experience.

300% increase in the number of organic SEO keywords ranking on Google.  Starting with 500 in April and reaching 2000 by August!

“My overall experience with NPAccel has been wonderful…

Lessons learned

A.M.E. Ultrasounds had significant traffic increase within 4 months.  We focused on building authority to specific pages of the site and optimized those pages for specific keywords.  This approach also caused a ripple effect, improving the authority and rankings of the entire site.

…Every team member that I’ve communicated with has been friendly, helpful, and patient addressing all of my concerns. With just a little bit of patience over the course of three or four months, I’ve hit the top page on Google for a pre-selected keyword that my team member and I have agreed on, and are on our way to rising to the top for the next selected keyword! Overall five star experience!”

– Ephraim Herschmann, Director of Business Development A.M.E. Ultrasounds

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