Neil Patel Nominates Brazilian Entrepreneur to Drive International Expansion

One of the world’s leading authorities in digital marketing, Neil Patel, entrusts a young Brazilian businessman to lead the global expansion of his agencies.

Patel is a co-founder of successful businesses in the Technological and Marketing sector, such as NPDigital, Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. Neil Patel has worked and consulted for companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom, effectively increasing their revenues with optimization strategies for search engines.

Patel is the co-founder of a digital marketing organization that already has seven offices spanning across the globe, with three offices located in America.

The office in Brazil has been operating since 2015 under the direction of businessman Caio Beleza, and his partners Saulo Medeiros and Rafael Mayrink.

Who Caio Beleza Is and Why He Was Chosen

Despite his young age, Caio Beleza is a businessman who has already accumulated impressive results in his career. Along with Rafael Mayrink and Saulo Medeiros, he led Neil Patel’s project in Brazil, which has quickly become one of the leading marketing agencies South America.

The online marketing agency NPBrazil, works with large companies to generate consistent results. A prime example is the results that Mr. Caio helped achieve during a 3 year contract with, one of the biggest investment banks in Brazil. He was able to help them accomplish an average growth rate of 20% month over month. BTG Pactual, VOLL Pilates, Empiricus and SBCoaching are also part of Mr. Caio’s impressive portfolio.

However, it was not just the results provided to customers that made Neil Patel choose Caio to lead his global operation. The main reason why he was chosen is based on Caio’s unique ability to replicate the successful model that was implemented in NPBrazil to other agencies.

At first, the partnership with Neil Patel was solely based on translating articles published on his blog – – from English to Portuguese. As the Head of SEO at NPBrazil, Caio quickly realized that simply translating Neil’s articles from English to Portuguese wasn’t going to cut it, his team had to go above and beyond by creating content tailored to the Brazilian dialect.

The work that Caio did with Neil in Brazil was responsible for helping educational articles and videos about online marketing strategies reach more than 10 million people.

From there, Neil decided to expand the Brazilian team and work with the translation of the blog into Spanish and German, supporting the scalability of sharing content internationally.

All of this work caught the attention of Patel and his partner Mike Kamo. The Brazilian agency continues to grow at an incredible rate, servicing hundreds of very satisfied clients and generating success stories all along the way.

Patel and Mike decided to make a strategic move: bring Caio to the United States, as COO (Chief Operating Office), to one of NPAccel’s offices, and keep Saulo and Mayrink in Brazil to continue growing the Brazilian office.

Patel decided to take Caio to the United States in 2020 so that he could begin learning more about the company’s processes in San Diego and Utah. Patel’s intent was that Caio also share what was being done successfully in Brazil. “My partner, Mike Kamo, realized that the business model Caio implemented in Brazil fits perfectly within the SMB agency we have in Utah.” Patel says.

Patel also reports that – “the team from Brazil always surprises me. They have great ideas, a culture very focused on results and even during the recession they managed to keep the business profitable.”

In his letter of recommendation, in which he talks about the choice of Caio Beleza to lead the internationalization of operations, Patel refers to the Brazilian as one of the best professionals with whom he has worked. “He was responsible for the development of an SEO team in Brazil of more than 70 people, he strategized and helped more than 400 companies in Brazil and in countless other countries to increase their online traffic and revenue”, he says.

The Future of NPAccel’s Global Strategy

The goal is to package the successful business model Caio implemented in Brazil and replicate it throughout Neil Patel’s agencies in: the United States, India, Australia and the United Kingdom.

“Caio will help to increase our revenue, increase our margins and also obtain better results for our customers. He will work directly with Mike Kamo to create a global process for our agencies”, says Patel, who reinforces the importance of bringing the Brazilian to America.

In 2020, the organization’s goal is to double in size – increase to more than 500 employees across the globe, and expand to at least two other countries (Germany and Japan are the next potential options for expansion).

Caio says: “It will be a great challenge, everything I built and learned in Brazil will be fundamental to achieve our global goals. Our focus is to help more entrepreneurs and companies succeed on the internet.”