A/B Testing Increased Revenue from Homepage Traffic by 172% in Less than 2 Months for Amazing Solutions

Kate Vozoff head shot

With Kate Vozoff

COO of Amazing Solutions

+ 172%

Increase in total revenue from homepage traffic

+ 134%

Increase in average order value

The company

Amazing Solutions has been creating all-natural healthcare products in California for over 27 years. In addition to having major online sales, they also sell to large catalog distributors. Their quality herbal products have been surpassing customers’ expectations for years, but they were starting to get overwhelmed by managing multiple marketing channels and their organic traffic suffered as a result. They came to NP Accel to help boost traffic and increase the sale of their chemical-free products.

Amazing Solutions has been with NPAccel for 8 months, since June 2019.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Industry: Ecommerce selling health products

The challenge

The all-natural industry for hair and skincare products grows larger and more complex every year. Amazing Solutions had so many sales channels to balance and metrics to analyze that staying ahead of the competition had started to become difficult. Our goal was to help them understand why their organic traffic was slipping and get both traffic and sales driven back up. What we both learned in the process is that a potent remedy to such issues is a multi-dimensional solution that takes time to build and implement.

The results

We provided quarterly A/B testing CRO services to increase conversions from the homepage since that page on their website receives the most traffic.

In the first 41 days of A/B testing on the homepage, we did A/B testing with 3 different variants. Variant 1 increased their total purchase revenue from $1,757.54 to $3,017.66 (172% increase) and it also increased their average order value from $43.94 to $59.17 (134% increase)!

From their initial evaluation of our website to a convincing step-by-step action plan, they’ve allowed us to make measurable improvement, month after month.”

– Kate Vozoff

“We’re seeing measurable improvement in our organic traffic. Most importantly, we’re seeing increased conversions, and that’s the bottom line for any business.” -Kate

Lessons learned

We learned that while it is very important to rank well for the right keywords and get increased traffic, it is vitally important to do what it takes to increase conversions from that traffic to improve the bottom line for your business. More traffic is only part of the answer. The client was amazing at trusting our team to create the right variants to improve conversions from traffic coming to the homepage. It worked wonderfully!

From illuminating A/B Testing to securing high quality backlinks, encouraging the creation of new (and updated) content, and more – the team has been a real partner for us. Sometimes we have an idea and it’s always respectfully considered. Other times, we count on them to take the lead, and they do it seamlessly. “

– Kate

Don’t hesitate. Sign up. If it’s a financial stretch, we can only say that it was for us, too. But it started to pay off fairly fast…”

– Kate Vozoff, COO of Amazing Solutions

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